Sam with beverages at the Smash Palace, Gizzy NZ

Greetings, fellow Homo sapiens.

I am a denizen of FoPo, SE Portland Oregon, residing with my children and wife in a 114 year old cedar box for the last 14 years. When we moved to the neighborhood it was referred to as “Methlahem” by some, and “Felony Flats” by most. Now, as gentrification is said to be creeping in, Felony Flats seems to refer to the neighborhoods farther and farther to the South and East. It looks the same to me, for the most part… fortune cookie factory, junk shops, used tire shop, gun store, and the aged mysterious huge monolith that claims “Berg Christian Enterprises” on its signage. In 14 years I have only seen one man exit that building, and that was at 2:00 AM. Neighbor Walt and I have a dark suspicion that there may be more people in there… people that never come out. But, that’s a story for another venue. Our neighbors, on the other hand, are folks of the highest caliber. ¬†We trust each other. The kids constantly run from house to house. We barbeque together, share stories, spout politics, garden, and do late night backyard bonfires in summer. And, occasionally, some of us make art.

I tend to think in images. Making art is a way of getting some of these images out into the real world. I can’t claim to have any deep spiritual inspiration for my art, but the act of making it can feel a bit¬†transcendental… like the rest of the world has disappeared and time has stopped.

The mediums I use to make art vary. Much of what you see on this page is spray paint based. Some are oil pastels. There’s a watercolor and an etching as well. It’s been said that it looks like some pieces were done by different artists. I guess I have a tendency to take things in different directions at times.

My hope, regarding my art and this web page, is to help these images find their way into people’s homes where they can help define a living space, serve as little windows into thought-provoking places, colorful curiosities or time capsules that remind them of other times, people, and places.

I hope you enjoy taking at look.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, consignment ideas, to order a print or original, or to request more information.