Urban Roots

urban roots


8.25 x 5.75 inches

I made this etching while living in Gisborne, New Zealand in the early part of 2015. Being a very isolated town with a distinct lack of obvious things to do, the townspeople have invented an incredible number of options for interest-based social clubs. One of the clubs I became attached to was the Gisborne Print-making Society. Norman, one of the senior members of the club, spotted my spray paintings at a show I was having at a local cafe and contacted me with an invitation. Although I only attended a few times, the other club members took my education about the etching process very seriously. In the short time I spent with the club I managed to scrape this drawing into a zinc plate and was shown how to process it accordingly. Kind of a lengthy process involving resins, heat, and acid baths. I am grateful for the kindness and education I was given by the other club members and look forward to finding more opportunities to explore this fairly ancient and curious method of reproducing images.